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Join an amazing community of like-minded individuals who are in service with the Divine. The graduates of this course are earth angels.

It is your birthright to journey back to Love

The Temple of Divinity™ works to heal the hearts of humanity and mend their relationship with the Divine. It is one of the most powerful spiritual healing modalities that you will learn, and that is available to us today.

Are you searching for healing?

Whether you struggle with heartache, depression, anxiety, mental or physical health challenges, the Temple of Divinity can help you resolve all these issues.

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Practitioners are needed to guide and witness people's divinity. Get access to a 50 hour course to help you become a Temple of Divinity™ practitioner. 

The Temple of Divinity

Healing hearts of humanity and mending their relationship with the Divine. 

Join our Temple of Divinity(™) Practitioner family. You will join an amazing community of like minded individuals who are in service with the Divine. They are here on earth at this time to assist with the ascension process. The graduates of this course are earth angels. This is an amazing group because the learning, the love, never stops growing. Just when we think things will slow down, new techniques, understandings, are created, shared and then spread amongst our practitioner group who sends it to their client base. 

Marie Lachance

I’m so thankful and grateful Taras for you to have said yes in bringing the Temple of Divinity to humanity. I’m so happy that I listened to the push within me to take the course. I had such a beautiful experience when I went to the Temple of Divinity. There’s so much that I experienced that I’m at a loss for words to try and express what I felt, seen and channeled...

Energy / Holistic Healing methods used:

  • Temple of Divinity Healing Technique
  • Spirit Body Healing Certification Program
  • Usui Reiki Master 
  • Ascension Reiki Practitioner
  • Karuna Reiki Master
  • Holy Fire Reiki Master
  • Quantum Touch
  • Core Essence Regression Practitioner
  • Body Process
  • Access Bars 
What clients are saying... 

It amazes me that when I go work daily, and in sessions with my clients using healing hypnosis, I am literally working, talking, interacting with Angels, Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and even Spirit Animals in the very real place in the spirit realms called The Temple of Divinity. At first it was so surreal and now it's a normal daily occurrence to work alongside these Divine Beings. It's become a natural relationship of mutual trust, love, and respect and just part of my daily work.

Autumn Joy, CH. T.

Just over a week ago I had the utmost privilege to visit the Temple of Divinity with Taras. I can’t begin to explain in words how mind blowing my experience was. When I think about the session and also the days after, I notice so much physical and energetic change. Taras is so skilled at getting me to a deep place of relaxation and then somehow leading me to this amazing sacred healing space in the realm of the divine. Along the way I met my spirit animal, guides and then many angels in the temple who radiate love and light, and hold skill to heal and take away deep energetic wounds.

Hattie Williams

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