Terms and Conditions

Temple of Divinity(™) will refund within 30 days all monies paid in the original way they were received, if requested, except for:

Online Courses: No refunds shall be paid after the 2nd lesson has been completed, or after 30 days A $100 non-refundable amount will be applied. Any returns will be returned the same way they were received, ie. paypal, or credit card.

Live classes: Once the live class has started, you will not be eligible for a refund after the 2nd class. If you cannot attend the class at the time that has been scheduled you will be permitted to take the following classes that are available within 1 year of your payment date.

Classes will be videotaped and you will be required to sign a press release form in order for us to share the class for educational purposes. If the class involves a personal healing or session, an additional request will be made to the student for a press release for that specific session. Also, we are happy to eliminate any records that we have of yours if asked.

Please send these requests to tmachula66@gmail.com